Limun Spritz

4cl Sciur Limun

1dl Prosecco



Served on ice


Garnish: Peppermint leaf

Liquid Cake

Günther Strobl, Barkeeper of the year 2019


4cl Sciur Limun

1cl Rum

2cl Lemon juice

1cl Vanilla syrup

2 Barspoon yoghurt




Garnish: chocolate chips

Light Lemon Bomb

2cl Sciur Limun

3cl Cocchi Americano

1cl Lemon Juice

1cl Rose's Lime


Garnish: Lemon Zest

Sciur Visin

Michael Lagnaz, KLARA, Basel


3.5cl Sciur Limun

1cl Wodotschka Bio Wodka Humbel

Build in glass with ice cubes

Fill it up with Swiss Mountain Spring Rosemary Tonic


Garnish: Decorate with a stalk of wheat and a lemon zest

Champagne in the Membrane

Kim Bhorania, Styx Bar, Basel


3cl Sciur Limun

1 Cane Sugar Cube

 Fill it up with Champagne Pierre Mignon

Glass: Champagne Glass 


Steven Fergusson, Conto 4056, Basel


4cl Packs Vodka

1.5cl Sciur Limun

1dl Red Ale Bier

1 dash Aztec Chocolate Bitter


Garnish: Lemon Zest

Passion of Limun

Steven Fergusson, Conto 4056, Basel


4cl Sciur Limun

1.5cl Supasawa

1dl Pale Ale Bier


Garnish: Rosemary Branch

Dry Limun

Kim Bhorania, Styx Bar, Basel


0.5cl Sciur Limun

5cl Elephant Gin

1 dash The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters


Stir over ice and strain into a cocktail/Martini glass. Squeeze a lemon zest over the drink and drop in the glass.

Luna di Giorno

Kim Bhorania, Styx Bar, Basel


 5cl Sciur Limun Limoncello

3cl Fresh Lemon Juice

• 1 teaspoon Mandarine Marmalade

• Splash of Apple Juice


Put all ingredients except apple juice in your shaker. Shake with ice and strain into tumbler glass filled with ice cubes. Top with apple juice and garnish with a lemon zest!

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4127 Birsfelden/Caslano

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