Sciur Limun 50cl  

CHF 39.-

Limoncello made with Grappa from Ticino

Sciur Limun means «Mr. Lemon» in Swiss Italian dialect. But people in Ticino also say «Sciur Limun» to refer

to a lemon of top quality. This bold limoncello is handcrafted using organic, handpicked lemons from our sunny neighbour Italy. Instead of macerating them in alcohol, we use the finest merlot grappa from Ticino.

That’s the trick.


Feel like a Sciur Limun but don’t know how to pronounce it? Just say «sure lee-moon» and you’ll get your drink.


Serve me chilled, frozen or on the rocks!


Life is good. Enjoy the ride!

Ancestral Limoncello

Sciur Limun is an ancestral Limoncello. Since in the past the farmers in southern Italy could not distill pure alcohol, they used the “noble waste” of their wine production - the grappa - and macerated their lemon zest in it. 


The best way to enjoy your Sciur Limun is as a frozen digestif after meals, as a refreshing shot on the roof top terrace or as a mediterranean ingredient in cocktails and spritz.


It doesn't matter if with gin, vodka, beer or even champagne: Sciur Limun gives your cocktails that lemon kick you really need.




Manifattura Branchi

Muttenzerstrasse 124

4127 Birsfelden

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